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The Game

Grind Day is a single player skateboarding arcade adventure game

Heavily inspired by the pop and punk culture from late nineties and early
2000s, Grind Day attempts at a comeback to that era videogames borrowing
from games from consoles like Playstation and Game Boy Advance.
your character, choose your skateboard hit the street and ride ollie
and flip your way through the city fighting evil machines making combos
on a fast paced gameplay with simple and intuitive controls.
Enjoy beautiful 2D pixel art graphics and amazing chiptune sounds and music.

We made this with lots of work and effort... Show us some love so we can keep developing this game and adding more features.

Now get your board and have fun!

The Story

The year 2000 has arrived and with it a computer bug that messed up with
government nano technology and is turning humans into evil robots.
C.R.A.P. (Consumer Resources And Products) A gigantic corporation saw the
opportunity to make profit of it and has created an extreme
skateboarding competition TV show where teens from around the world must
traverse through a robot infested city in order to win the big prize.
The thing is... Now the competition has arrived to Lametown and some
skater punks are not very happy with all of this... C.R.A.P.
They must compete in order to try to shut down the show from the inside and save their city from the robots.


  • Different characters to choose from
  • Unlockable skateboards with different stats
  • 16 bit pixel art graphics and animations
  • Mind blowing chiptune music made in some old contraption on some dark basement
  • Fast paced gameplay
  • Easy to play hard to master mechanics
  • Lots of enemies that go BOOM! when you hit them
  • Our pets appear as easter eggs in the background
  • Sick combo system


Grind Day | Mac (Alpha) 16 MB
Grind Day | Windows (Alpha) 14 MB

Development log


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Really nice game! 

I love this game and art style I can't wait for it to not just be a demo!

Awesome, we loved it! Thank you! :D

(1 edit)

Can't.... skip... tutorial... text.... o_O (or make it appear faster)

Thanks for the feedback! We'll fix it and update the demo.